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We know that feeling of guilt with all the junk food and artificial beverages we feed ourselves and our loved ones throughout those busy days.

At FRUIT HORIZON we develop healthy drinks and snacks for everyday consumption. Easy to prepare, that you can move on with healthy life style - happy and guilt free.


Healthy Snacks

  • Our snacks are untreated tropical dry fruits only.

  • 100% fruit, nothing more.

  • Natural energy and vitamins.

  • Great taste: Kids love it!

Fruit Infusions

  • Easy to prepare beverage. Hot and cold!

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • No sugar added.

  • Tasty fruit combinations.

  • Efficient in use, no bitterness, no overextraction possible.

  • No artificial flavours, no preservatives

  • As lemonade or tea: kids love it!


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  • All our ingredients are sourced directly from the farms in Colombia by ourselfs. 

  • Fruit Horizon oversees all processes to the final product.

  • Fruit Horizon products are direct trade products form the farmer all the way to you.

  • Reforestation program to increase diversity and build back natural habitat for wildlife.


Buying fruit anywhere can mean bad practices and even child labor

Guaranteed no child labor

As Fruit Horizon, we guarantee child labor-free production. We source our fruits directly from the farms in Colombia where we can make sure that best practices are applied and the production and social responsibility meets the highest standards.

Pesticides and Fertilizers

As Fruit Horizon, we work with farmers who are organically certified or are preparing for it. Together we are working on multicrop production practices with biodynamic directions. That those farmers can produce healthy and tasty fruits for you in the many years to come. 

Social Responsibility

Fruit Horizon social responsibility program consists of farmer education towards biodynamic practices including organic fertilization methods and crop diversification. The goal is to decrease pollution and enhance water safety. Our sustainable supply chain is based on real cost structures instead of competitive market pricing. 


Having a diet with the fruit daily portions is easy and healthy

Companies in Europe trust our way of working


Buying dried fruit with a story behind is really easy


Enter in the virtual store


Choose the dried fruit products you like


Enjoy healthy dried fruit snacks and infusions

1. Assure is 100% fruit, no sugar added

2. Guarantee quality in every dried fruit product

3. Promise no child labor

4. Innovate to always have the best and more sustainable products for you

Agreement plan


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Origin Trip

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