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Try the best tropical fruits in diverse


We invite you to savor the diverse array of fruits that flourish in Colombia, a land nestled near the tropics. Here, you will discover a year-round abundance of exquisite, juicy, and sweet fruits


At Fruit Horizon, our mission is to bring the very best of Colombia to your table. We proudly offer two exceptional products: dried fruits for infusions and delectable fruit spreads. Indulge in the taste of Colombia's tropical paradise with every bite

Dried fruit infusion

Dried Fruit Infusion

Our 100% natural fruit infusions are a celebration of flavor, available in four delightful varieties: Passion, Spring, Vibrant, and Harmony. Each sachet contains 15 grams of pure fruit goodness, free from additives, colorants, preservatives, or added sugars

If you're curious to explore further, we invite you to visit our online store, where you can discover the unique essence of each flavor and presentation

Fruit spreads

We've thoughtfully selected seven distinct fruit flavors to enhance your breakfast experience, offering you the finest taste of tropical fruits. While some may be familiar, others might be a delightful discovery. We invite you to click the button below and uncover the unique essence of each one

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